Who's Who

Leadership Team

Head Teacher

Mrs Maguire

Assistant Head

Mrs Thorley

Mrs Phillips

Phase Leader Early Years

Mrs Phillips

Phase Leader KS1

Mrs Phillips

Phase Leader LKS2

Mrs Rogers

Phase Leader UKS2

Mr Low

Admin Team

Miss Devlin

Site Manager

Mr Hempsall

Early Years

Nursery Class Teacher

Mrs Cant/Mrs Williams

Key Workers

Mrs Cunningham, Mrs Johnson

Reception Class Teacher

Miss Kirkman

Key Worker

Mrs Cummings
Learning Support

    Miss Flanagan

Key Stage 1

Oak Class Teachers

Mrs Howard and Mrs Henshaw

Ash Class Teacher

Miss Madigan

Elm Class Teacher

Mrs Phillips

Learning Support

 Mrs McGuire,  Ms Fielding

Lower Key Stage 2

Maple Class Teacher

Miss Marlow

Hazel Class Teacher

Mrs Rogers

Holly Class Teacher

Miss Etel

Learning Support

Mrs Appleton, Mrs McMahon, Ms Hanley

Upper Key Stage 2

Rowan Class Teacher

Miss Chan

Willow Group Teacher

Mrs Thorley

Larch Class Teacher

Mrs Mayo

Spruce Class Teacher

Mr Low

Learning Support

Mrs Hook,  Mr Chavda, Ms Green

Inclusion Team


Mrs Williams

Caritas Family Worker (O.5 per wk)

Qualified Social Worker

Miss Roberts

Attendance Lead

Mrs Richards

Lunchtime Team

Senior Lunchtime Supervisor

Mrs McLaughlin

Lunchtime Supervisors

Mrs Allen, Mrs Begum, Miss Dunne, Miss Fay, Ms McCarthy, Mrs Todd


Mr Mrabah Mr Sowerby

The learning support team support our lunchtime team leading indoor and outdoor activities