Music Curriculum at St Bernard’s

At St Bernard’s we believe all children should have the opportunity to listen to, appreciate and explore a range of music styles and genres and to learn an instrument.

We use music from a range of cultures, genres and time periods across the school day. We listen to music as part of our learning programmes and also to develop a positive learning environment in classrooms and across school.

In addition to music sessions led by class teachers, we commission music teachers to provide opportunities for children to learn instruments. Weekly sessions, taught by experienced teachers commissioned from One Education, ensure there is high quality music provision in LS2.  In  year 3 and year 4 children participate in samba sessions, and in year 5 children learn the ukulele.

We provide children with opportunities to compose and perform, using a range of instruments and musical techniques. Opportunities to perform individually and as a group in class, assembly, church and at special events such as the annual carol service, or events within the local community.

A weekly afterschool choir, lunchtime music sessions and opportunities during enrichment afternoons complement this provision.

We believe strongly in providing exciting musical opportunities and experiences and regularly participate in citywide opportunities at prestigious venues across the city.