Religious Education

R.E and Religious life at St Bernard's

St Bernard’s a joyful and aspirational community rooted in faith”

This statement is at the heart of all strive to achieve.

Our rich curriculum embraces our Catholicity at its heart and complies with the Religious Education Directory requirements.

Children currently follow the ‘Come and see”scheme alongside the ‘Caritas in Action’ programme which looks at the social teachings of the church. Each term begins with a focused day to introduce the key messages to be explored.

All classes also have planned acts of collective worship on a regular basis. As the children progress through the school they take pleasure in planning these for themselves.

We plan our work in 5 areas along the guidelines of the ‘5 W’s framework’; Word. Worship, Witness, Welfare and Welcome and you can see below a brief overview of each area.

Word of God

We place the Word of God at the centre of all we do to inspired and challenge us to live in the service of each other


We follow in Jesus’ footsteps by reaching out and being a welcoming community where our diversity is celebrated and the dignity of the individual as a child of God is recognised.


We recognise that God is with us in every aspect of school life and try to provide a witness to the key gospel values in all that we undertake.


We reach out and nurture a community where everyone is shown love, care, respect and compassion.

We accept responsibility for the Welfare of each other as Jesus intended and reach out to those who need us.


We joyfully place scripture at the heart of our worship. Our reflection, prayer and liturgy strengthen us a community and encourage us to witness to the gospel values in our daily lives.

5 ws in action

The religious life of St Bernard’s

RE Policy 2018

Collective Worship Policy 2018

Our School Prayer

Almighty God, who made our world, thank you for our school family.

Let us join our hearts together and achieve our goals by loving and caring for each other.

Help us to do our best in class, make the right decisions and treat each other as we want to be treated.

Send your love and peace to us today.