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The journey in faith experienced by the children involves Fr Michael, parents and parishioners who commit themselves to the spiritual development of our children. Among some of the opportunities provided are:

The Sacraments of Initiation for Year 3- these are parish based but the school supports the preparation.

Parishioners support the children as catechists and prayer sponsors for the children who are undertaking the Sacraments of Initiation.

Parishioners are invited into school to share their Faith experience with the children, particularly during the month of May and October.

At regular weekday and monthly Sunday Masses children participate as readers, singers, and altar servers.



Conscious that St. Bernard’s is part of the wider community, we offer opportunities for the children to learn about and respond to the needs of the wider community through organisations such as: CAFOD, Francis House, Burnage Foodbank, Help the Aged, St. Joseph Penny, Poppy Appeal and responding to current appeals.

Throughout the year the children are involved in collecting money to help organisations who provide support and resources to people in greater need than us.

The children in Year 3, 4 and 5 spend a day at the Marist Centre, where opportunities for prayer, worship, spiritual reflection and a sense of belonging to a Catholic community are explored.

Our school choir join with our cluster schools to celebrate an annual carol service.

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