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St Mark

Saint Mark is the author of the first Gospel in the New Testament of the Bible. Before becoming a Christian, he was a member of the Jewish faith. Mark was a good friend of Peter, one of Jesus' apostles, and they usually spoke together about Jesus. In this way, Mark took notes and wrote the first Gospel.



St Matthew

St Matthew was chosen to be a disciple of Jesus. The New Testament records that as a disciple, he followed Jesus, and was one of the witnesses of the Ascension of Jesus. Matthew preached the Gospel to the Jewish community in Judea, before going to other countries.


St Luke

Saint Luke was a doctor. Luke was probably not Jewish but was Greek. He wrote the gospel mainly for non-Jewish people, Luke wrote to prove that Jesus is the Son of God. Luke's gospel contains many similar stories of Jesus. He tells more about the Virgin birth of Jesus than the other gospel writers.



St John

Saint John the Apostle was one of the Twelve Apostles of Jesus according to the New Testament. Generally listed as the youngest apostle. His brother was James, who was another of the Twelve Apostles. He was believed to be the youngest apostle. although their nature was calm and gentle, when their patience was pushed to its limits their anger became wild and thunderous causing them to speak out like an untamed storm.