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Week beginning 17th October

Finished pieces!

We had our workshop this afternoon! Cheryl taught us to use wax needles on silk, then after (very carefully) inking our designs onto silk, we flooded them with silk paint in the style of Matisse! The children had a fantastic time!

Yesterday, children took their sketches to Burnage for Boys and we had an art lesson on painting in the style of Matisse. We used watercolours to paint over our sketches and bring our pictures to life!

The children did an extension of a painting focusing on using primary colours and making secondary colours. They had to tint and shade using black and white to match the colours to a painting of their choice from Matisse’s collection.

In this session, the children analysed different pieces of Matisse’s artwork using key vocabulary

The children did a super job at identifying the different colours Matisse used in his fauvism movement in portraits, and tried to recreate using a photo of themselves. Children focused on blending using primary colours to create secondary colours.

The children did an exceptional job at doing a live self portrait sketch!

Wow! What a fantastic start to international artists week! our chosen artist is Henri Matisse, and after researching him to create a biography, we’ve mapped out and designed our double page spread in our sketchbooks, inspired by his work. I can’t wait to see what they produce!