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Week beginning 14th November

Anti-bullying week: We started the week off wearing odd socks to celebrate that we are all unique and we value everyone as individuals.

During anti-bullying week we have learned about what bullying is and how bullying is something that happens on more than one occasion. We have discussed who we can talk to if we are being bullied or if we see someone else being bullied so that we can STOP bullying. We wrote down the names of people who can reach out to help us. We role played different scenarios to help us decide if something was unkind or if it was bullying.

Celebrating Anti-bullying week: We finished our work on anti-bullying by singing 'Reach for the stars'. The words in the song remind us that we can count on our friends to be there to help us and if we stick together we can achieve our dreams. Our dream is to live in a world of peace where we reach out to others to support them when they need a bit of help.