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Woodland Trust

Year 3 persuasive letters.

Year 3 wrote letters to the Woodland Trust persuading them to give us some trees so that we can create our very own hedge. Not only were we successful in our application, the trust contacted us with a response to the letters that the children sent.

This is what we received.


Thank you so much for sending us these letters from the Year 3 children - they are absolutely beautiful and heartwarming. Things like this honestly keep us going, giving us a boost in our quest to help improve tree coverage across the UK and ensuring us we are on the right path.


Seeing children so engaged and enthusiastic about trees, tree planting and the environment in general is incredible; it is so important that the younger generations realise how urgent a situation we find ourselves in and that they are well steeled to face up to all the ecological challenges we find ourselves surrounded by. Huge credit must go to you and your school for passing these messages on so successfully.


We are delighted to have approved your application to the scheme and hope that you all have a great time planting and looking after them when they arrive with you next spring. We hope they bring you all lots of well-deserved pleasure for many years to come.