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Week beginning 5th December

Imperial War Museum Trip

A fantastic experience!

To enhance their humanities and English curriculum children enjoyed a trip to the Imperial War Museum.

Whilst there they completed activities, watched clips and showed a fascination with the artefacts.

Our guide was impressed by the children's knowledge and behaviour and the children explored every inch of the museum.

Safe Landings

Air resistance and Lego Men

Children put their investigation skills to the test when they designed this experiment.

The children have made a range of parachutes from different materials and using different designs. By changing only one variable they have ensured it will be a fair test. Their aim is to make a parachute that slowly and safely brings their lego figure to the ground.


The Big Parachute Drop will take place on Monday 12th December. Which design will win and why?

We will publish the results here - watch this space!

The Manchester Blitz

Primary sources, maps and oral history from Burnage

It was a joy to see the children so excited about examining our Heritage Schools Map pack.

They were eager to show me where they live and they were interested to see how it has changed over the 120 years the maps span.


Their focus this week was the changes during wartime and they found locations of places mentioned in The Manchester Blitz on the maps. They also examined local pictures from that time and matched descriptions and map locations too.


The Barrage Balloon in front of Burnage Boys School (next door) was of particular interest and our Big Questions board is full of wonder and next steps.


Can you add to our oral history bank about Burnage in wartime? Please let us know.