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French Lessons

This is what our children said about their French lessons......


"I have learned that France has good connections to our country and is a place that we can visit. I have learned how to say animal names and words about my family.  My teacher has shown me how to break down the letters that we don't need to say and she has taught me about male and female words." Tyler, Year 5


"I like learning about a different language. I have learned how to say 'hello', 'goodbye' and 'how are you?' in French.  It helped me to learn when we watched a video first so we could see how French people spoke." Joshua, Year 3


"I have learned about different foods eg, croissants and I know how to have a conversation.  My teacher always makes it fun!" Jacob, Year 5


"It has been good to learn something new - if I go to France, I will know how to communicate. We have learned a French song to help us remember the words." Kaylee-Ann, Year 3


"I like speaking in a French accent and I know how to order food in a French cafe.  My teacher asks me to repeat words so I can remember them."  Grace, Year 6


"Learning another language helps you in another country.  My teacher has taught me how to say the words correctly, like 'hello' and 'goodbye'." Alfie, Year 3


"I enjoy learning a different language - I have learned how to say where I live, what my name is and I have learned different colours.  My teacher repeats the words a lot so I can remember them."  Isabel, Year 5


"I like working with a partner and performing in front of the class.  My teacher has helped me to learn greeting words and she puts them on the board so I can remember them." Frankie, Year 3


"I have enjoyed learning about French food and I had a go at writing a letter in French.  My teacher gives me hints to help me."  Georgia, Year 5


"I liked learning about the Eiffel Tower and the different cities in France.  The technology helps because it keeps repeating the words." Robert, Year 3



Our Children Asked..................

"Could we have a look at French money?"

"Could we do another French themed day?"

"I would like to learn about French landmarks?"

"Please can we learn more French songs and learn about French football teams."


We Answered..............

"Mrs Rhodes, our new French lead, has got lots of plans to make sure that you have great experiences of French in your classrooms.  You can all look forward to seeing our lessons develop and we can work towards holding another brilliant French Day."