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Week Beginning 3rd April

Mark 11:1-11

Today, after reading about the events of Palm Sunday, we worked in groups to act out the different events of the day. We sequenced these events as we performed our part of the story. We discussed a range of vocabulary to describe the emotions that Jesus felt, but also the crowds of people who flocked to catch a glimpse of our Saviour.


In the afternoon we gathered together for Liturgical Prayer with Year 1 and EYFS to recreate Palm Sunday.

Today, we visited our school 's beautiful Italian artwork which shows the 12 stations of the cross. We followed the readings of Good Friday and and reflected on the artwork on how Jesus, Mary and the crowds were feeling that day. We sketched the station that we felt was the most significant to us and the emotions that we, and the people in the picture, felt. We used this time sketching to be mindful and respectful on such a spiritual day as we remembered Jesus' journey to Calvary. 

After being inspired by our friends in EYFS, and hearing the gospel reading about Easter Sunday, we decided to work in small groups and pairs to create our own Easter garden, but we looked at the tomb and imagined how it would look on  Goodm Friday and compared it with Easter Sunday. For our Easter Sunday garden, we added grass and flowers to represent the new hope that Jesus' resurrection brought.