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Week beginning 25th March

We began Holy week with a Liturgy led by Year 4 all about Palm Sunday. Reverend Luke came and blessed the palms and we all received a palm cross to take home with us.

John 13: 33-38 First Farewell Discourse - Annotation of scripture

Scripture based role play (John 13: 1-17). On Monday, the children worked in groups to freeze frame the part of the Easter story where Jesus washes his disciples’ feet. Jesus did this to demonstrate that loving each other, as He has loved us, means taking on the role of a servant. Caring for the needs of others, not only for those who treat us well, without expecting anything in return.

Analysis of Leonardo Da Vinci's painting - The Last Supper

Drama based on scripture John 18:28-40, 19:4-6 - Jesus is arrested and taken to Pontius Pilate. Jesus is sentenced to death by the crowds who shouted 'Crucify him!' while Barabbus is set free.

John 18: 1-11: Jesus is arrested

Our collaborative art work - A crucifix made from different crosses decorated as flags, representing the different countries of the world, and also our own, uniquely decorated crosses to represent ourselves. At the centre, Darci wrote the following quote from Romans 12:5 'So in Christ we, though many, form one body and each member belongs to all the others.'

Stations of the Cross reflections.

We made some beautiful Easter Cards and bookmarks to take home.