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Our vision is to deliver a Science curriculum that instils children with the confidence to question what they know and explore their surroundings, so that they have a deeper understanding of the world in which we live.


In Early Years, children will start to build their knowledge of scientific processes and concepts, reflecting on their senses, light and dark, the passage of time and changing seasons. In Key Stage One, children will develop their understanding of animals and plants, learning about different species and habitats. As children progress through Key Stage Two, they will have the chance to explore these topics in greater depth, whilst also investigating more complex theories as they delve into evolution, forces and states of matter.


Science lessons are practical and interactive, ensuring children have the opportunity to conduct their own scientific experiments and research. Children also enjoy regular trips and visits, as well as a yearly Science Evening for families to take part in and behold the wonders of Science together.


By engaging children in a broad range of experiences, we aim to develop children’s natural curiosity, encourage respect for living organisms and the physical environment, and provide opportunities for critical evaluation of evidence, whilst nurturing independence, risk taking and resilience.