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Maths Lessons

This is what our children had said about their Maths lessons.......


"I enjoy learning how to count in thousands and this half term I have learned some of my times tables.  My teacher explains things well to me." Rio, Year 4


"I have learned about dividing and I like using negative numbers.  My teacher helps me if I don't understand." Rinald, Year 4


"I enjoy learning and improving my maths skills.  I like calculating and dividing and my teacher is good at explaining - she gives us easier ways to learn things that are hard" James, Year 4


"I like learning new skills, like how to use negative numbers.  My teacher encourages all of us to ask for help if we need it." Rosa, Year 4


"I enjoy counting in tens, hundreds and thousands and I like dividing.  My teacher is good at explaining things to us." Jacob, Year 4

Our Children Asked..................

"Can we learn more times tables?"

"Can we have more practise of division?"

"Can we have a go at the column method in Maths?"


We Answered..............

"You certainly can!  Times tables are practised in every year group in Key Stage 2 so you will be doing a lot of this.  You can also log on to Times Tables Rock Stars to give you more practice time.  The column method can help to make all your place value work clearer so you will get lots of practice of this too."