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Ms Cunningham (Early Years Teaching Assistant)

I love the way Ms Cunningham makes it her mission to settle our youngest children into school life quickly so that they become confident and capable learners as soon as possible.

Ms Thorley


Ms Henshaw (Class Teacher & P.E. Lead)

I love the way Ms Henshaw keeps calm and carries on!  She is a fantastic person to work with, an amazing team player and an amazing friend as well.

Ms Hill


Ms Mullen (School Administrator)

I love the way Ms Mullen cares about every problems we face in school and stays by my side to solve them.  Even at weekends, she can be relied on to support our school in any way she can.

Ms Breeze



Ms Richards (Attendance & Family Liaison Officer)

I love the way Ms Richards has a great relationship with staff, children and parents across our St Bernard's community.

Ms Dolan


Ms Dolan (Class Teacher & Religion Lead)

I love the way Ms Dolan tries so hard to improve her own knowledge and skills so that everything she does for the children is the best that it can be.

Ms Phillips


Ms Green (Teaching Assistant)

I love the way Ms Green cares so deeply about all of our children and does everything she can to support their learning and their play times.



Ms Jones (Chair of Governors)

I love the way Ms Jones always listens to me and helps me to solve any problems that we might face in school with warmth and wisdom.

Ms Breeze



Ms Cummings (Early Years Teaching Assistant )

I love the way Ms Cummings is an amazing teacher, embracing her own life experiences and passing her wisdom on to the children.  We all love her calming, positive nature and her love of music and the arts.  She is our 'Super Sparkly Susie'!

Ms Flanagan


Ms Hill (Class Teacher and Art Lead)

I love the way Ms Hill organises lots of activities for us to do with the children.  She is very creative and very approachable.

Ms Meepe



Ms Coutinho (Teaching Assistant)

I love the way Ms Coutinho is a positive role model to the children and gives 100% to her role.

Ms McMahon



Ms Heaton & the Kitchen Team (Our Cooks)

I love the way Ms Heaton and our team of cooks are always there to help us, listening to us and helping us to support the children during lunch time.

Ms Cunningham



Ms Allen (Teaching Assistant)

I love the way Ms Allen cares for and nurtures all of our children.

Ms Thorley



Ms Blackburne (Class Teacher & Music Lead)

I love the way Ms Blackburne is always so happy! She is the first person to give you a hug and make you a coffee and she can see the positive in any situation.

Ms Hill



Ms Breeze (Head Teacher)

I love the way Ms Breeze is so supportive!  I can honestly say I have never worked for such a kind, caring and forward thinking manager.  She works so hard to put the children and staff at the heart of everything she does.

Ms Frost



Ms Howard (Early Years Teacher & Science Lead)

I love the way Ms Howard is lovely and calming.  She has very good behaviour management skills and I love the way she is so organised - she is a great role model to everyone around her.

Ms Flanagan



Ms Appleton (PPA Cover)

I love the way Ms Appleton is so loyal to our children and to her friends.  She brings her own faith to her role by looking after others on the team.

Ms Cummings



Mr Shaw (Lead Sports Coach)

I love the way Mr Shaw encourages all of our children to try new sports and work as good team players. He gives me and the staff the confidence to drive sport forward at St Bernard's to a standard that we can be proud of.

Ms Breeze



Ms Cant (Early Years Lead & Teacher)

I love the way Ms Cant has an insight into all the children's strengths and builds a curriculum to support the children.  She is a fantastic and supportive member of our team!




Ms Rhodes (Year 5/6 Teacher, Humanities & French Lead)

I love the way Ms Rhodes is kind and calm and always has a positive word to say.  Her classroom is very engaging.




Ms McMahon (Teaching Assistant)

I love the way Ms McMahon cheers everyone up. She has such a happy attitude and would do anything for anyone.

Ms Hill


Ms Phillips (Class Teacher, Assistant Head, Literacy Lead)

I love the way Ms Phillips is always willing to listen and offer answers to my many questions and queries.  She is always professional and positive.



Ms Devlin (Finance Officer)

I love the way Ms Devlin is always willing to go above and beyond to help anyone within our community.  She is always cheerful with a big smile on her face.

Ms Dolan


Monsignor Kujacz (Parish Priest & Foundation Governor)

I love the way Father Michael can make us all laugh, even when we're facing something really difficult.  He keeps us all going with his humour, his positivity and his prayers.

Ms Breeze


Ms Fay (Lunchtime Organiser)

I love the way Ms Fay is always approachable and happy in school.




Ms Fielding (Teaching Assistant)

I love the way Ms Fielding brings her enthusiasm into the classroom.  She is always happy to go the extra mile for the children

Mr Chavda



Ms Etel (Class Teacher & Computing Lead)

I love the way Ms Etel makes us all laugh.  I respect the fantastic relationships she develops quickly with her children and love that she is always fair and honest.



Ms Frost (Teaching Assistant)

I love the way Ms Frost tunes in to how our children are feeling and supports their emotional wellbeing so that they are ready each day to learn with their friends.  The children gravitate towards her for that support and know that she will always make time for them.

Ms Breeze


Mr Ogieva (Caretaker)

I love the way Mr Ogieva takes such good care of our school and works hard to ensure that our children are safe and happy and have a clean environment in which to work and play.

Ms Thorley



Ms Meepe (Class Teacher)

I love the way Ms Meepe is so enthusiastic about all aspects of learning.  She is incredibly resilient.  She is always smiling and takes time to ask how we all are.

Ms Frost


Ms McCarthy (Senior Lunchtime Organiser)

I love the way Ms McCarthy is enthusiastic about her role and keeps smiling no matter what the day brings.




Ms Flanagan (Speech & Language Specialist Teaching Assistant)

I love the way Ms Flanagan works with groups of children in such a positive way, building lovely relationships with each of them.  Children love to work with her!

Ms Cant



Ms Thorley (Deputy Head)

I love the way Ms Thorley can always smile and face up to whatever is thrown at her.  She works with an impressive speed, has a great sense of humour and will always find a solution.




Mr Chavda (PPA Cover)

I love the way Mr Chavda joins in with the children on the playground.  He is great at basketball and he is always kind and helpful around school.

Ms Blackburne



Ms Marsden (Teaching Assistant)

I love the way Ms Marsden has embraced her new role at St Bernard's with such enthusiasm and skill.  She has been a fantastic addition to our team.

Ms Phillips



Ms Hanley (Teaching Assistant)

I love the way Ms Hanley supports our learners.  She always finds ways to help them to overcome barriers and does this in a caring way.

Ms Thorley



Ms Williams (SENDCo)

I love the way Ms Williams does all she can to make education accessible to all of our children.  She works with warmth and professionalism with our parents and removes the barriers that children face wherever she can.

Ms Breeze