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Our English curriculum is designed to inspire pupils, empowering them to read and write with confidence and fluency, clearly articulate their views and express themselves creatively, ultimately supporting their learning in all other areas of the curriculum.


As the key to unlocking pupils’ potential, reading is incredibly important at St Bernard’s, so we ensure that children have access to plenty of books, as well as the time and space to read them. Children will be encouraged to read in the classroom and beyond, taking books home with them to read independently and with the support of their parents.


Children will explore a wide range of literature and genres, from novels and poetry to newspapers and biographies, learning how to interpret text in different contexts, evaluating tone and effect, and using the same techniques to craft meaningful sentences in their own writing. Using a variety of texts, children will also be exposed to different cultures, time periods and perspectives, enriching their understanding of the world and its history.


Through drama and discussion, children will also have the opportunity to develop their spoken language skills, gaining the confidence and ability to ask questions, debate, tell a story, and listen to others. With these key skills, children will be prepared to make the most of their experiences in further education and the future workplace.