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International Artists Week

Parents' Comments

"I can see how much effort has been put into this project - I think the work is amazing!"


"Great art work by all of the children.  I am proud of my son's efforts and I think the school are amazing for setting this up!"


"The art work was amazing - it is great to see the children's skills."


"The art work was very authentic!"


"Fantastic work - a wonderful project on Van Gogh.  Thank you to all."


"Fantastic effort and detail in all the art work.  In all the years that my children have attended St Bernard's, this is the best I have seen."


"Fabulous exhibition - so nice to see my granddaughter's work.  It was very well set out.  Well done."


"I am very happy and very proud to see my child's work."


"Great work - I really enjoyed seeing the creative work of all the children."


"It was a nice idea to display all of the art work.  I loved seeing my daughter's work and the work of everyone else."


"Lovely to see what my child has been doing and great to be able to come into school."


"You can see how much the children have enjoyed this work!"


"So inspiring for the children to look at different artists from around the world."


"I felt like I was walking into an Art Museum! My child has gained so much understanding and knowledge of his artist."


"The picture that Rosie made splashing paint - beautiful!"


"Beautiful opportunity to see the children's art work.  My son had told me so much about it so it was so good to see it."


"It was so nice to see the work that the children are doing in the classroom and not just at Parents Evening.  Keep up the good work everyone!"


"Very good work and a great effort from all the teachers."


"I really appreciate the chance to see all of this lovely work."


"Really lovely to come into school and see some work."


"It has been so nice to see what the children have been learning about and doing during school."


"It was lovely to come into school and see my son's work."


You asked...............................................

"Please could we have more opportunities to see the children's work?"


We answered..............................................

"Absolutely! We have a number of different Curriculum Enhancement Weeks planned for this year.  We will do everything we can to provide the opportunities for you to have a look at the wonderful work that your children produce."