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PE Lessons

This is what our children said about their PE lessons.......


"I enjoy playing dodgeball with my friends.  Mr Shaw has taught me how to be supportive of others." Hayden, Year 5


"I like rugby and running and I have learned how important being a team player is.  The coaches teach us the skills to play properly." Nova, Year 5


"I enjoy gymnastics and I have learned how to balance.  Mr Shaw teaches us the rules for each game we play." Sienna, Year 1


"I enjoy dodgeball and football.  I have learned to increase my stamina. The teachers encourage me to take part and believe in myself." Noah, Year 5


"I have learned how to catch a ball." Ellie, Year 1


"I like working with the coach and my friends.  I have learned how to play together as a team. The teachers always ask how I am feeling and that makes me want to play." Brooke, Year 5


"I have learned how to throw and catch.  The coaches have taught us how to play dodgeball." Myla, Year 1


"I like dodging the balls in dodgeball. I also like passing in rugby and I like to run.  Mr Shaw teaches us the rules so we know how to play." Oliver, Year 5


"I have learned to play basketball and I have learned about scoring and football.  Mr Shaw has taught me how to listen." Rikhiae, Year 1


"I like learning new skills in football.  I have learned how to do a cartwheel and the coaches have taught me how to throw a ball." Woody, Year 1

Our Children Asked..................

"Can we have more ball games?"

"Can we do more basketball?"

"Can we learn how to play tennis and hockey?"

"Can we have more sports events and class races?"


We Answered..............

"Definitely!  Mr Shaw has a lot of different games planned for your PE lessons across the year and basketball, tennis and hockey will all feature in those plans.  We have Sports Day planned as usual for July but we also have a very special Health & Wellbeing Day planned for the end of June when our sports coaches will be practising different sports with you throughout the day.  Don't forget too that our coaches run dodgeball and football clubs at lunch time each week."