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Week beginning 6th February

Year 4 were fantastic in their class mass today! They sang beautifully, the altar servers were wonderful and the children’s behaviour was impeccable. We were lucky enough for Luke to share some amazing relics with us which his grandad collected throughout his life, which showed physical representations of Saints, from blood, hair and bone, and even a small part from the cross which Jesus was crucified on. Well done year 4!

We’ve had a wonderful mental health week this week! We’ve taken part in 2 workshops. The first one taught us breathing techniques and we made cubes to remember these to help us practice. We talked a lot about mindfulness. The second workshop was all about mental health, and led by an amazing man who dressed up in costumes during covid to bring people happiness. He encourages us to do exercise to help with our mental health and reminded us that even superhero’s have bad days sometimes too.